tirsdag 22. april 2008

A walk in the park.

To show Øystein-san the extremes of Japan I brought Matthew-san and Choom Leam-san to the free-entertaining-park Yoyogi. The classical Grease Guys were, like every day, there with their comb, mirrors and of course the generator to power up their hair-dryer.
But this was an especially pretty sunday, not only because the sun was shining. You see there was a heavy metal consert whitch attracted hundreads of dressed up people with all kind of hair-colors. Strangely enough in this country you can go to heavy-metal consert dressed up like a pink maid or a colorfull game caracter if you like.
It seems also that the majority of heavy metal listeners here are girls. But to please my Ingrid-chan I limited my pictures to Matthew-san's reaction of the sight. This park is full of great bands and smiling pepole. So from now on park-strolling is my new after-church activity. (PS: Notice the neat amplifier in the video.)

Øystein-san had to see an ardade, so we visited five. Here you can see the amazing "typing of the dead" game. Use your keyboard wisely to fight the zombies.

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