tirsdag 29. april 2008

Another sunday.

This sunday a DJ was playing wonderful house tunes into a forrest-area of the park. Hippies, hip-hoppers, children as well as old people were rocking together without having to worry about the day after, because the party ends when the sun goes down.
I also fell in love with these glasses. Denton had to use advance art of speech to talk me out of buying them. But if I find a place to use it the chances are I'm going back to this new shopping town we explored called shimotokitasawa.
Ah, yeah and Denton got a shot of our biljard game trying to capture our emotions.

tirsdag 22. april 2008

A walk in the park.

To show Øystein-san the extremes of Japan I brought Matthew-san and Choom Leam-san to the free-entertaining-park Yoyogi. The classical Grease Guys were, like every day, there with their comb, mirrors and of course the generator to power up their hair-dryer.
But this was an especially pretty sunday, not only because the sun was shining. You see there was a heavy metal consert whitch attracted hundreads of dressed up people with all kind of hair-colors. Strangely enough in this country you can go to heavy-metal consert dressed up like a pink maid or a colorfull game caracter if you like.
It seems also that the majority of heavy metal listeners here are girls. But to please my Ingrid-chan I limited my pictures to Matthew-san's reaction of the sight. This park is full of great bands and smiling pepole. So from now on park-strolling is my new after-church activity. (PS: Notice the neat amplifier in the video.)

Øystein-san had to see an ardade, so we visited five. Here you can see the amazing "typing of the dead" game. Use your keyboard wisely to fight the zombies.

torsdag 17. april 2008


I was in a good mood, and answered yes without thinking yesterday. Suddenly I found myself in a high-class but sort of underground jazz club together with Chris-san and Mathew-san. The music was hard to understand, as jazz is suppose to be, but it grew on us. (Especially on Chris-san who probably won't listen to anything else anymore.) The music was as diffuse and artistic as this picture I manage to steal.

When not listening to grown-up music, we amazed each other with fantastic magic-tricks.

tirsdag 15. april 2008

New season, new friends.

To finish off the travelling, me and Chris took a short trip to do some tracking. We figured out that it was hard getting into the woods and hills without having to pass a temple or two. Here you can see Chris critiSizing the second biggest buddah in Japan.
What is known as the nicest season in Japan, lasted for about four days. Cherry blossom with picknics and big crowds of people walking in que through the parks. Unfortunately I was unable to experience this "hanami" properly, because I didn't get drunk in public like most Japanese.

But the spring summened some other beautiful creatures as well. Two of them are showed here. A playful Singaporian to the left and another multicultural guy claiming to be a professor. This has resulted in some nice bar and café visits.

Now the weather has turned into a Norwegian summer, and it's just getting worse. Luckily all the studying to come will probably protect me from the sun.

I have also found a new shelter on sundays. The babtist church in Shibuya had preachings in a language I can understand. And before I knew about it I had beed assigned to both a bible-group and the coire. So we'll se if I remember how to move and sing to real gospel.