tirsdag 29. april 2008

Another sunday.

This sunday a DJ was playing wonderful house tunes into a forrest-area of the park. Hippies, hip-hoppers, children as well as old people were rocking together without having to worry about the day after, because the party ends when the sun goes down.
I also fell in love with these glasses. Denton had to use advance art of speech to talk me out of buying them. But if I find a place to use it the chances are I'm going back to this new shopping town we explored called shimotokitasawa.
Ah, yeah and Denton got a shot of our biljard game trying to capture our emotions.

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Ingrid Garli Dragset sa...

Ah! what is the name of that girl in Futurama again, i dont remember.. the one with one eye!?
why did i start thinking of her just now??! hmm.. could it be.. ?!