tirsdag 15. april 2008

New season, new friends.

To finish off the travelling, me and Chris took a short trip to do some tracking. We figured out that it was hard getting into the woods and hills without having to pass a temple or two. Here you can see Chris critiSizing the second biggest buddah in Japan.
What is known as the nicest season in Japan, lasted for about four days. Cherry blossom with picknics and big crowds of people walking in que through the parks. Unfortunately I was unable to experience this "hanami" properly, because I didn't get drunk in public like most Japanese.

But the spring summened some other beautiful creatures as well. Two of them are showed here. A playful Singaporian to the left and another multicultural guy claiming to be a professor. This has resulted in some nice bar and café visits.

Now the weather has turned into a Norwegian summer, and it's just getting worse. Luckily all the studying to come will probably protect me from the sun.

I have also found a new shelter on sundays. The babtist church in Shibuya had preachings in a language I can understand. And before I knew about it I had beed assigned to both a bible-group and the coire. So we'll se if I remember how to move and sing to real gospel.

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kasi sa...

The buddha in kamakura is not the biggest in Japan.

The tallest statue of buddha in the world (not sure about the biggest) is in Ibaraki-ken, Japan. Probably its also the biggest statue of buddha in Japan

The tallest buddha sculpture is in China:

Audun sa...

you're allways so critical about what I say, Kazi. But I said second largest, and I think that's right... But thank you for increasing the amount of valuable information.

Audun sa...

PS: I've seen the biggest in Japan as well. The one in Toudaiji that is, so I see that I've only thought about the bronze-statues.

Ingrid Garli Dragset sa...

Wow, it's really big even though it's just the second biggest!;)
I've visited one of the worlds longest Buddhas (or at least a really long one!), lying inside a house in Thailand.. It was covered with a gold-looking layer, really cool!